Worship at Kimbourne Park

What we do on Sunday mornings and other days is worship. Worship is making meaning of who we are in this great big world and our relationships to one another, the planet and God. Worship is about many people exploring, leading and participating.

What does worship look like? It’s always evolving, just like our ideas and experiences of God.

We are progressive thinkers.

We are relaxed.

We dress casual.

We sing.

Sometimes we dance.

We laugh.

A lot.

Sometimes we cry.

We are encouraged.

We are nourished.

We are comforted.

We are challenged.

On the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate communion.  This is the ancient bread and wine tradition that is deeply connected to the life and experience of Jesus Christ. Everyone — and we mean everyone — is welcome to be a part of communion.

We also like to put the coffee on and invite everyone to share “coffee and what nots” downstairs  following the service.

I like Kimbourne Park because…

I can worship at Kimbourne while holding onto my traditional Maliseet native spirituality. Within 5 minutes, I knew that Kimbourne was where both me and my daughter would stay.