Community permaculture garden

Why is permaculture at Kimbourne Park United Church?

Permaculture, short for "Permanent Agriculture" or "Permanent Culture," is a term that refers to (among other things) the creation of sustainable, self-sufficient, food-producing ecosystems.

In the techniques of gardening and agriculture that most of us are used to, food growers put large amounts of resources and energy—including human energy—into the earth so that they can extract a harvest. With permaculture, we design our environment around the natural rhythms of an ecosystem so that resources and energy are cycled through as many times as possible.

The Garden @ Kimbourne team has chosen to apply permaculture principles to our food-growing space because it is an efficient, environmentally-responsible way of growing food and building community.

Sustainable gardening and growing food is good for our environment. This ongoing activity is a way to teach and experience growing food in our urban setting.

Permaculture gardening isn’t new.  Generations before us knew the art of growing.

Being a part of the experience at Garden @ Kimbourne will inspire you to grow food not just at the site but also in their own yard. Remember the taste of a freshly picked pea?

You can learn more about the principles of permaculture at You can also learn about how others are using permaculture in our area by visiting our friends at Permaculture GTA.

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Sun Nov 26 -
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