And the rainbow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it and remember the covenant between God and every living creature. — Genesis 9:16
Image: church with Toronto backdrop and rainbow emerging from scene

In the large busy Metropolis of Toronto, it is good to come home to Kimbourne Park United Church. Whether you are a visitor, a seeker or a longtime member, we will help you to feel at home.

We are authentically trying to be a welcoming, inclusive, intentional congregation, which celebrates diversity as a member of the United Church of Canada.

The reflective neo-Gothic interior warmly envelops you. One member described it as a vision of an ark, a boat offering sanctuary and safety in our bustling lives. A newcomer sat in a pew, looking around, and exclaimed, “The building is so friendly.” “If you think the building is friendly, wait ’til you meet the people… they are wonderful,” replied the minister.

Kimbourne Park is a small community of faith (attendance averaging 30–40), linked to its past, radically progressive in its theology, and daring in its visions of the future. Attracting active children, young adults, and elders; singled and coupled; straight, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and searching; we are very much alive in the covenant… come and explore your spiritual journey with us. Come, be part of our change and new growth.

We don’t have the answers; we'll help you with the questions.

Come worship every Sunday at 10:15 AM.