About baptism in the United Church

In the United Church tradition, baptism is a Sacrament. A Sacrament has been defined as “an outward and physical sign of an inward and spiritual grace.” This means that baptism is a sign of God’s love, present and at work in the child being baptized and in the congregation.

As the United Church of Canada, we believe God loves every child, whether or not that child has been baptized. We believe that God’s love is active in every child from the beginning. God’s love for the child does not begin at baptism. This means that according to United Church Beliefs, people who die without having been baptized will not be condemned, lost or damned because they have not been baptized. Baptism is not a requirement for salvation, nor a magic charm for life.

In the United Church of Canada, as in many other Christian denominations, baptism is primarily an act of initiation. Through baptism Christians are made part of the universal Christian Church and, specifically, the United Church of Canada and Kimbourne Park congregation.

When children are baptized, their parents make promises before God and before the entire congregation in a public service of worship. The promises are: that they believe in God; that they believe in Jesus Christ; that they believe in the Holy Spirit.

We are an understanding people, and we realize that it can be difficult to bring an infant to church every Sunday without fail. However, in baptism we, as a congregation, also make a promise that we will support you and your child and that we will help with Christian education for your child. We also hope that you will consider Kimbourne Park Church an extension of your family, and that you will call upon us when you need pastoral support of any kind.

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