Rev. Michael Cottrell

Kimbourne Park United Church
Masters of Divinity with CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), Huron College, University of Western Ontario
Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapy of Ontario
Bachelors in Social Work, University of Waterloo
Teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, Conestoga College

For 30 years of ordination, Michael has been teacher, counsellor, spiritual leader, meditator, healer and therapist. With Post-Graduate completion in Psychotherapy, a Masters in Divinity (Western), a diploma and teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education and Child Development (Conestoga), and an undergraduate degree in Social Work (Waterloo), Michael's work with others has been one of support/challenge, counselling/therapy, healing and personal development.

Michael engages people in worship experiences that provoke thought, laughter, tears, and connection. Michael weaves ancient sacred text and explores if and how the sacred path of Christianity impacts our life here and now. Michael's work is to help you fall in love with yourself, with others, and with God.

Michael draws from a rich tapestry of religious experiences and leadership. At an early age, Michael was a Roman Catholic monk in the USA. He was ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada and then returned to his baptismal roots of the United Church of Canada. These experiences have shaped Michael's theology as radically progressive, inclusive and expansive.

What is also interesting about Michael is that he practices Buddhist meditation and is a student of Tibetan and Zen (Dharma) Buddhist studies. Michael keeps his discipline of meditation by being a member of Toronto Zen Temple. (Sangha)

Michael shares and teaches the experience and challenges of mindfulness (meditation) as a means of becoming centred and connected to life in the here and now.

"In the here and now," Michael says, "is where we encounter self, others, and the great mystery that we call God."

Email Michael | Call Michael at KPUC: 416-461-7200

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